Your Safety is our Priority

The world will be a very different place. What you need from us has changed too. As with so many aspects of everyday life, the world of travel is undergoing major change due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to new policies and procedures while travelling, we can expect new and unique requirements and restrictions on travellers as well as other changes coming that are yet to be considered. We want to your traveller to feel safe during their travels so we have compiled a collection of resources and information to assist you in understanding how various travel suppliers are preparing for the new travel reality. The pages provides links to suppliers cleaning standards and coronavirus policies.

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Featured Partner - Delta Air Lines


Delta CareStandard

From the moment you check in to when you reach the baggage claim, you will experience a new standard of care. Delta CareStandard focuses on keeping surfaces clean, giving you more space, and offering safer service and personal care at every point in your journey. So when you’re ready to fly, know that a safer, cleaner, and more flexible experience is waiting.


Major Hotel Chains

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your upcoming trips, our experienced travel advisors are always here to assist you.